[Ansteorra] coinage

Jay Rudin rudin at ev1.net
Tue Nov 16 10:08:13 PST 2004

Jay Yeates (are you the Jay Yeates I met at Rice?) wrote:

> have always been intrigued by coinage .... and interest was rekindled
> recently by reading Neal Stephenson's "Baroque Trilogy" (highly
> and stumbling on a modern, real silver coin for first time in *many* years
> in my day-change.  have enough investment bullion (silver, gold, and
> platinum) gathered over 20 years that would make a excellent "seed" on a
> private mint focused on "craft coinage" .... and would be a interesting
> to spin my jewelry / metalworking interest off in a  interesting new

SCA coinage came up at the BoD meeting in the Steppes.  It turns out that
counterfeiting laws are broad, and we'd be taking on serious risk.  Coins
can be traded for prizes, like at pinball palaces, but if they can be
exchanged for money, then they are illegal under the counterfeit laws.

The BoD is looking into it and writing a policy.

Robin of Gilwell / Jay Rudin

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