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* ...  making a good 40 ton press, hammer press or DiVici press, and then
all the other stuff that goes with it . . . . . . . Not cheap. 
perhaps using or a suitably sized power hammer (been in market for a older,
used model for some time) set to single trip mode? fixed base die, add
annealed blank disc, drop sleeve over lower die, drop upper die in place,
trip hammer, remove top die & sleeve, struck coin should release, move to
finish area  ... add another reason why i want one of these monsters (took
the ACC introduction to power hammer smithing course - required - a couple
years back and had fun / fun / fun)

can see you would need a heavy rolling mill (with the rollers in good shape
and kept that way) to mill out uniform thickness stock .. a punch
arrangement of some kind to punch out the blanks (perhaps rigged to same
power hammer you use to strike the coins). some precise scales for quality
control, torches or a gas forge for annealing (useful for other things), a
vibration cleaner & media to finish, a meting furnace, crucibles, and molds
to process the scrap, clean working space .. and a good distance between you
and the neighbors (g)

i seem to remember a while back (late 80's, early 90's .. Rialto) that there
was discussion by some out-region folk about building a gravity driven tower
press for coin making - modeled on old western frontier coin presses.
anyone remember this / have additional links ?????

... wonder if there are any engraving classes in the area

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