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Tue Nov 16 15:44:53 PST 2004

A rolling press doesn't have to be heavy, the frame just has to be able to hold
it together as you turn it . . . . Torque does the rest.

Stock?  I can buy gold, silver, bronze and pewter already punched out into disks
at nearly what ever thickness.  OK, a little more per given weight, but it's

The DaVici press is probable what you are thinking of as a coin press.  It and
the rolling press were used near forever until the rolling press beat it out for
shear quantity.

As for having a hydraulic or pneumatic hammer press . . . . .. . . O' the noise
I could make!!!!  Plus it is a direct off-shoot / child of the water driven
hammers of the 15 cent. (?, Arns Metalica)

-------------  Gustav

Jay Yeates wrote:

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> * ...  making a good 40 ton press, hammer press or DiVici press, and then
> all the other stuff that goes with it . . . . . . . Not cheap.
> ...
> perhaps using or a suitably sized power hammer (been in market for a older,
> used model for some time) set to single trip mode? fixed base die, add
> annealed blank disc, drop sleeve over lower die, drop upper die in place,
> trip hammer, remove top die & sleeve, struck coin should release, move to
> finish area  ... add another reason why i want one of these monsters (took
> the ACC introduction to power hammer smithing course - required - a couple
> years back and had fun / fun / fun)
> can see you would need a heavy rolling mill (with the rollers in good shape
> and kept that way) to mill out uniform thickness stock .. a punch
> arrangement of some kind to punch out the blanks (perhaps rigged to same
> power hammer you use to strike the coins). some precise scales for quality
> control, torches or a gas forge for annealing (useful for other things), a
> vibration cleaner & media to finish, a meting furnace, crucibles, and molds
> to process the scrap, clean working space .. and a good distance between you
> and the neighbors (g)
> i seem to remember a while back (late 80's, early 90's .. Rialto) that there
> was discussion by some out-region folk about building a gravity driven tower
> press for coin making - modeled on old western frontier coin presses.
> anyone remember this / have additional links ?????
> 'wolf
> ... wonder if there are any engraving classes in the area
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