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* ... For the silver and gold coins though, I'm not sure what advantages
such as device offers over using a hammer and die set. 
consistancy, quantity production, time savings, negates need of a helper
(labor is expensive in this age).  rough coinage may be fine inside scadia,
but outside you need to be able to produce at a higher level ... and it's
always much easier to downshift for "rough craft" levels if need be.

* ... Trip hammers were built but seem to have been used for other purposes.
beauty of power/trip hammers ... they're marvelous, industrial-age,
multi-use tools than can be turned to a lot of heavy-duty uses ... one of
the more interesting aspects about them, - you learn to make your own
forming dies & tools as need arises.  for heavy iron (and bronze) forging
work, they rock ....

... edgewalker

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