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A rolling press doesn't have to be heavy, the frame just has to be able to
hold it together as you turn it . . . . Torque does the rest.

* ... Stock?  I can buy gold, silver, bronze and pewter already punched out
into disks at nearly what ever thickness.  OK, a little more per given
weight, but it's there.
can get same locally, but thought it would be nice to have total control
from ingot to finished coin - even if you don't use it 100% of the time (and
i want to upsize my current rolling mill for other uses & to be able to
handle thicker stock) ... while using them (stock supplier) for larger
production runs (why think small if you're tooling up, eh?).  i get a sense
that once you cross the "rubicon" of tooling up, it's a type of things that
could grow quickly  

* ... The DaVici press is probable what you are thinking of as a coin press.
It and the rolling press were used near forever until the rolling press beat
it out for shear quantity.

thanks for some useful "keywords" .. will use them over at UTexas libraries
later in week (and will be a good use of my brand new Texshare / UTexas
borrowers card .... grin)

* .... As for having a hydraulic or pneumatic hammer press . . . . .. . . O'
the noise I could make!!!!  Plus it is a direct off-shoot / child of the
water driven hammers of the 15 cent. (?, Arns Metalica)
since few have opportunity to have a water driven mill these days ... a
power hammer is a suitable replacement - a micro-mill in your garage
(working space well sound insulated, base isolated from main slab ...)  and
there are still some good units sitting around waiting for some TLC to bring
them back into production by the manic / drive (g).  


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