[Ansteorra] News from Gothic! Knightings, Centurions, Optios oh my!

Carl Chipman cchipman at nomadics.com
Mon Sep 6 08:49:13 PDT 2004

What's an Optio, you ask?  

Their Majesties Dracontius and Sibri, created the Optio fighting award.  This AoA level award was created to recognize fighting ability and leadership of promising fighters.  The Optios are also tasked with assisting the Centurions upon the field.   

The insignia of the new award is representative of their function, as its an red eagle's claw on a gold field, with an embattled red border.  The Optios are to be talon of the Centurions.  

In Roman times the Optio was under-officer of the Centurion, who would motivate the men to greater feats of glory (see His Majesty for an example on how they "motivated" them).

The premiers of the order were Tarquin, Evan der Fultime, Brom O Brian, Liam Gordon, and Baron Gauvin.  The five were immediately immortalized in song on Sunday when Master Andrixos, the Calontiri Ambassador to the known world, performed an original composition of his in honor of the Optios.

Earlier in the day, upon the field of battle, Their Majesties announced the elevation of Centurion Anton to the order of the Chivalry.  His vigil will be Friday of Bryn Gwylad Baronial.

Then later in the evening, in a deft manuever of court-fu that would have made Jackie Chan's jaw drop, Their Majesties announce that Centurion Owen will also be joining the chivalry, with his vigil to be held Friday night of Mooneschadowe Guardian.

Finally, in the final court on Sunday, the Centurions came into the Their Majesties' presence with a complaint.  In the Centurions tournament on Sunday, the felt that Optio Tarquin had NOT performed as an Optio should.  It was their opinion, that Tarquin was a Centurion, and should be held as such.  Their majesties thanked the Centurions for their counsel, and then inducted Optio Tarquin into the Order of the Centurions of the Sable Star.

The event and the fighting were astounding.  Perhaps 120 fighting men and women took the field on Saturday in armoured combat.  Saturday evening, 22 brave men and woman took to the barrier for Ansteorra's first Ansteorra Barrier Championship (Trust me you had to see it to believe it), with Centurion Ysfael surviving to the end. At the tournament, His Majesty Dracontius, amazed by the two fighters going beyond all his expectations of them, Awarded to Ld William and Roc the Bold the Sable Falcon of Ansteorra..
On Sunday newly squired Lachlann Dunn proved his metal by winning the Western Bear Pit tournament.     

The new site was fantastic, the fighting was amazing, the weather was a gift from God, with cool breezes and light clouds.  I can honestly say that this was one of the greatest events I've ever been to in the kingdom of Ansteorra.

Sieur Jean Paul de Sens,

Carl Chipman
Nomadics, Inc.
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