[Ansteorra] News from Gothic! Knightings, Centurions, Optios oh my!

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Once  more, Lord Michael went above and beyond the call of duty in helping 
our kids  find a place and a purpose in the Society.
I know my son won the youngest  division, but I am at a loss about the  rest.

I also know that we now have Lord Caius who received his AOA not to mention  
won his age division. I have yet to hear about anyone eles. 
Remember there will be a youth list at Elfsea Defender. 
In Service to  the Children 
In remembering our past we must look to our future. 
Lady  Maili Donnel MacGregor
Deputy Earl Marshal - Youth Combat
_Youth Combat of Ansteorra_ (http://youthcombat.ansteorra.org/)   

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