[Ansteorra] bad trojan horse warning

Robert Stewart skerritheviking at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 9 11:11:34 PDT 2004

Sorry to interupt everyone's day, but I thought it best to let everyone konw what we just went through.  A very evil Trojan Horse that hammered our computer, and even did some damage to our disc operating system.  It's all fixed now.  I wanted to let everyone know so you all can check your systems with various stuff.  It got through our firewall, and we had to dump our restore/archives cabinet.  By then, the damage was done.  We used Mcaffee, Sysytem suite 5, and adspyware, plus what comcast cable does, to find it.  it was located specifically at:
It was titled:
name: trol_funweb.A
We think it dicguised itself as something out of our explorer homepage, wehich we have since changed.  At least, that's what it looked like when humting it.  Be warned, when we founf it and started trying to kill it, our computer kept locking up or blue screening, so maybe it hase some secret-ninja computer kung-fu to defend itself.  i would not know.
     Anyway, please pass this around, so that way other people or computer/servers know and can try to find it!

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