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Thu Sep 9 05:12:37 PDT 2004


I am sure everyone has circled this weekend on your calendar and are making plans to travel to Northkeep for Queens Champion.

WEATHER FORECAST: The populous of  Northkeep has again bargaining with the weather gods and we will have great event weather! The Mornings & Nights will be cool (high 50's to mid 60's),  Midays warm SUNNY mid to high 70's, with Daytime highs in the mid to high 80's.   WEAR YOUR SUNSCREEN, and DRINK LOTS OF WATER.  No rain is in this forecast  :)

In the North we have had a mild and lush green summer and the site is just lovely.  In addition to green grass and trees (that's why Northkeep is mundanely called "Green Country") this summer had also bought us a few more little pests.  Ticks and mosquitoes are the most common pest and there are a few spiders thrown in for good measure.  The ticks will be as thick as Vikings raiding a coastal monastery.  Also Northkeep is the Ragweed capital of the known world.  If you have allergies or hayfever, bring your meds... you will need them.

Here is some info about ticks, and the info also holds true for mosquitoes, and spiders. 

Ticks can live practically anywhere, but are fond of wooded areas, tall grassy places, and spots with heavy shrubbery. Sounds like many of the places we hold events, doesn't it? 

The easiest way to deal with these pests is not to let them get on you or your kinder. Prevention of nasty little bites is foremost. 

When outdoor activities are planned, take necessary precautions to avoid bites. Wear long pants /sleeves whenever possible. Wear light colored clothes (it's easier to see ticks since they are dark). Use appropriate insect repellent, the higher percent of deet the better. If you tend to have problems with bug repellents, try a small spot on your skin at home to see if there is any reaction. Spraying repellent onto outer clothing is also helpful in repelling ticks and other bugs. But spray the clothing and allow the clothes to dry before you put them on. See www.bug-spray.com for the best choice for you. Do frequent tick checks to find ticks early and avoid actually being bitten 

Be prepared to have lots of fun, be prepared for the heat, drink WATER, wear your SUNSCREEN & Floppy hats, and don't forget the BUG SPRAY. 

Be well,

Lord Marcus Quietly
Northkeep Chirurgeon - 
Oklahoma's New Channel 8
First Alert Storm Team Unit #12

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