[Ansteorra] Rental Armour

richard at duke.sca.org richard at duke.sca.org
Fri Sep 10 10:04:29 PDT 2004

Hopefully, you can find something local, but if needed badly enough, 
Valentine Armories in Calgary, Canada does rent armor and will ship to 
the US.  Their armor is gorgeous, BUT they do want a lot of money for a 
rental.  Their webpage can be found at:  http://www.varmouries.com/

The link to "Rentals" does not seem to be working, but there is a 
working link to "Weddings" which gives all of the rental info.

Duke Richard

Stacy E. Dickey wrote:

> Greetings...
>    I've been asked to pose for an art-modeling job, in a Jeanne d'Arc 
> fashioned portrait series. Alas, my armour will not meet the standards 
> sought by the artist and I'm hoping to find rental locations within 
> TX/OK/LA. If anyone has information that might be helpful, please 
> contact me as soon as possible. I thank you in advance for your efforts.
> Pour Dieu & Roi,
> Madame Colete
> Squire to Earl Duncan
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