[Ansteorra] Off Topic: Baroness Kezia's of Ravens Fort Mom

Paul Gilbert niklas at pbgilbert.net
Tue Sep 14 12:18:56 PDT 2004


This is a off topic, but we have had inquires about H.E. Kezia's Mom 
(m.k.a. Gran-Gran) and her recent complications from heart surgery as to 
her current status.

Coming up to date, she had gone home in good condition, considering a quad 
by-pass operation. But on Sunday she begin to have pain and shortness of 
breath again.

We took her to Conroe Regional Hospital (where she had the surgery done and 
her doctors are) and she was admitted to CCU. She had a pretty rough night, 
Sunday, but has stabilized now except for an issue with an upset stomach.

Currently, the doctors are figuring out what that cause is and the treatment.

We thank all that have sent messages and calls of support.

We ask that all please pray to whatever God or God's one believes in to 
speed her recovery.

Again, thank you all in the show of support we have received.

Any questions can be directed to us at 936-714-3198.

Thank you,

HE Kezia Kibarta and HE Niklas Vasilevich
Baron & Baroness Raven's Fort

Paul Gilbert,   KE5ZW                       H.E. Niklas Vasilevich,
niklas at pbgilbert.net                     Baron of The Barony Raven's Fort
936-714-3198 cellular                    Kingdom of Ansteorra

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