[Ansteorra] String of Pearls Championship Tournament II

Patty prand at swbell.net
Wed Sep 15 13:13:53 PDT 2004

The Shires of Stonebridge Keep, Seawinds and La Marche Sauvage present....

String of Pearls Championship Tournament II 

Come one, come all to the grandest tournament on the King’s Coast. This year’s String of Pearls ChampionshipTournament will span across three events.....Golden Arrow X, Seawinds’ Defender IX and Tournament of the Black Stag. Many will enter, but only one will be named Champion!

As you travel to each event, not only will you be competing for each shire’s champions and reaping in the rewards of those honors, but you will also compete in the String of Pearls Championship Tournament. The overall Champion from the String of Pearls Tournament will be determined by who holds the most pearls at the conclusion of the final event --Tournament of the Black Stag.

Members from all three shires are busily gathering prizes to be awarded to the String of Pearls Champion.  Among the prizes are a Viking breakdown bed, a shade pavilion, and a plethora of prizes made by the hands of our many artisans.  These prizes will be on display at each event.

We begin the Tournament with Stonebridge Keep's Golden Arrow X to be held    September 24-26th. There you will be able to earn pearls in the following competitions:  Chivalric, Rapier, Archery, Thrown Weapons, Stick Horse Equestrian, Arts and Science and Bardic.  You can even earn pearls by volunteering (check at troll for details)

For more information about Golden Arrow X and the String of Pearls Tournament please visit:http://stone-bridge-keep.ansteorra.org   

2003 String of Pearls Tournament Champion
Sir Henri Hibou Dubois
For more information please contact the String of Pearls Coordinator:
HL John Lightfoot at lightfootcim at aol.com 

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