[Ansteorra] Middle Eastern Dancers and Musicians

Trish Kvamme ladyoftherose at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 16 06:18:14 PDT 2004

For those of us with lengthy time in the SCA, who have had great love of 
middle eastern dance and drumming especially, I was recently in contact with 
Mistress Susan the Midwife, who made legendary drums and ceramics that are 
still treasured by those of us lucky enough to have one.

She has started making drums again, and I have her website here 
her drums are by far the finest I have ever seen, and I wanted to share this 
with you!  I am also hoping to lure her to Ansteorra from where she now 
resides in the East ( she lived in the Outlands and was Baroness of Albaron 
for many years).

She does custom work, as well as SCA merchanting upon occaision.

Hugs all.


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