[Ansteorra] Highland Games III Results and Thanks

Michael of Langley michaeloflangley at hotmail.com
Sat Sep 18 23:51:43 PDT 2004

Greeting good Gentles of Ansteorra,

The following were the results of Highland Games III, held on Sept. 10-12 by 
the Shire of  Ffynnon Gath.  Although the weather was hot, the fighting was 
even hotter!

Chivalric Fighting
Baron Gavin lead the MacIain clan to victory in the Sheep tourney and open 
field battles.
Centurion Evets von Drachenclaue lead clan Drachen with honor and won the 
point for the Ogreball game.

Highland Games
Centurion Khael Savauge was the winner of the traditional Highland Games of 
the caber toss and the rock throw.

Arts and Sciences
Lady Maya of Bjornsborg won the A&S competition with her beautiful beaded 

Thrown Weapons
Baron Gavin won the thrown weapons tourney consisting of knife, axe and 

Youth Combat
Esther of York won the youth chivalric division.
Edward Abovee won the teen boffer division.
Richard of Ffynnon Gath won the youth boffer division.

I wish to extend many special thanks to the following:
Baroness Janais LeFevere for the beautiful scrolls, especially on such short 
notice and for supervising Troll.
For all those who manned troll booth for hours on end.
Centurion Evets von Drachenclaue for running security.
Centurion Anton Qwith for running the chivalric tournament and games.
Lord Owen of Seawinds for running the Youth Combat tournament.
Lady Anne de Bicester for serving as the list mistress in the chivalric 
fighting, for sewing like a mad woman and keeping us all from going insane.
Lady Alexsandra von Drachenclaue and Lady Riane de Cygne for their talents 
in sewing.
Centurion Khael Savauge for running the Highland Games.
Lord Owen for running the Thrown Weapons tourney.
Lady Gilliane MacGuire and her helpers for the wonderful food at the tavern.
Lady Hroowyna Standohtor for the pewter sheep medallions and hospitality.
The Knotty Kitties for donating the ornate claymore sword to our prize 
"Quork" for donating the custom enameled Highland Games III bronze 
Everyone who donated items to the prize baskets and the silent auction.
Lady Maya & Lady Isabelle of the Barony of Bjornsborg who did the 
waterbearing the entire day.
Lord Gavin for being "CIC" & all the others who were there as our 
For everyone who worked so hard to setup, cleanup and take down.
For all those who gave their helpful advice to make it the best possible 
Highland Games event yet.

Lord Michael of Langley
Autocrat, Highland Games III

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