[Ansteorra] Highland Games III Lost & Found

Michael of Langley michaeloflangley at hotmail.com
Sat Sep 18 23:56:59 PDT 2004

Greetings good Gentles of Ansteorra!

The following items were recoverd after the Highland Games III event on 
Sept. 10-12.

"William Marshall, Medieval England's Greatest Knight" book
Some brown plaid fabric.
A brass goblet.
A plastic goblet.
A glass goblet w/gold edging.
A large glass mug.
A blue panted, right handed articulated demi gauntlet.
A "Diamond cut" knife.
A ceramic cup.
An aluminum mug.
A child-size aluminum mug.

Items leftover from Jagermeister, still unclaimed:
An orange Gerber sippy cup.
A brown extention cord.
A canvas bag.

Please contact me via email to claim your items. Be prepared to play "5 
questions" thouhg ;)

"...Faith is daring the soul to believe what the eyes cannot see..."

Lord Michael of Langley
Autocrat to Highland Games III
MAA to HL Centurion Khael Savauge
Southern Regional Youth Marshal

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