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Chiara chiara at io.com
Sun Sep 19 17:18:49 PDT 2004

To the Good Gentles of the Barony of the Steppes do I send my heartiest
greetings and my most heartfelt sentiment...I am glad to be home amongst you

As you know, King Draco had asked for all available archers and heavy
fighters to come to Moonschadowe as the Calontiri had threatened to annex
the Shire, having won most of the titled awards given by that shire each
year for the past several years. This year, a large contingent of  fighters
and archers made the long trek from the far reaches of Ansteorra to answer
the King's call. There were many who had travelled at least 12 hours to
reach the event, which made history as the largest EVER Northern Region

The weather was difficult. There were reports that the temperature upon the
list field was over 100. A slight breeze helped, but it was very hot. Friday
night remained fairly warm, but it was cooler last night.

The Steppes was well represented by fighters and archers and in the end, it
was the Steppes once again that held the Calontiri archers at bay. Arcus
Wiliam Ironwyrm won the contest by the narrowest of margins....one solitary
point. Arcus Jaque the Spink was the next Ansteorran in the end results,
coming in fifth. Unfortunately the Calontiri won every other event. I know
not the outcome of the annexing threat. I suspect that it has passed,
however, as the relationship between the representatives of both kingdoms
remained cordial at least to the time of our leaving this morning.

And now, I must to my unloading chores attend, but I felt that I must share
these tidings with you at once. Once more the archers of the Steppes have
proved their mettle.

Vivat Arcuses Ironwyrm and Jaque!!!

Yours in service to the dream, Ansteorra, and the Steppes

Lady Linet Grey

Archery Marshal of the Steppes

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