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L T ldeerslayer at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 20 10:43:02 PDT 2004

Don Brian is now our Rapier Champion
Lady Alwyn is now our A&S Champion
Both are from Gate's Edge.
We also held our Equestrian Championship but because of the heat it ended up being held in the late afternoon/early evening (after court) and I do not have the results at hand. 
Lady Isobail ni Gihlechrist received her Crane as  well as the Raven (our Baronial Order)
Lady Simon Piroska recieved a thistle for weaving
and Erich Rabe received his AoA.
Lord Malcome de Crawford, HE Brian du Val, Sir Kief av Kiersted and I also were inducted into the Order of the Raven.
Though the attendance only reached around two hundred and fifty...because of the urgency in the North...it seemed as though everyone enjoyed the event.
Lorraine DeerSlayer

Harry Bilings <humble_archer at hotmail.com> wrote:
It was hot. We had one RR shot. Sir Alxis (sp) won the heavy I did not hear who won the light and do not rember A&S. 6 or was it 7 arrows and 1 bolt were gifted to the arrow gods.

humble archer 
Ravens Fort Ansteorra

OK, your turn. What happened at Ravensfort Defender?

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