[Ansteorra] Moondragon Massage at Elfsea Defender

Chris Zakes moondrgn at earthlink.net
Wed Sep 22 15:40:01 PDT 2004

Are you feeling overworked?

Maybe you pulled a muscle while flogging the serfs. Maybe you're stiff 
and sore from fighting off the ravening hordes from Calontir at 
Mooneschadowe Guardian last weekend <G>. Maybe you're feeling stressed 
out from dodging outlaws (or Royal tax collectors.) Maybe you just 
forgot to stretch out properly before fighting. In any case, Moondragon 
Massage can help you relax and relieve the stress, sore muscles, and 
tension headaches.

I will have the Moondragon Massage booth open all day at Elfsea Defender 
(starting somewhere around 9:00 am, and shutting down about dinner time.)

Fifteen minute chair massage: $10.00
Half hour/half body table massage: $25.00
One hour full body table massage: $50.00

    -Tivar Moondragon
Proprietor, Moondragon Massage

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