[Ansteorra] Happy Momma Bird, Long Weekend...

sandra goodrich tgnst at swbell.net
Sun Sep 26 21:42:41 PDT 2004

Just got home from the International Festival in Lawton where Eldern Hills has its yearly demo, they didn't have loads of space but they put it to excellent use, Go Eldern!
Got to visit with good folks of Eldern and was in time to see Bs Adria and her Desert Moon dance troop perform on the stage in one of the big fair tents, absolutely marvelous. The girls were great, and Adria was even better than at KASMAT (when she was dancing to help raise fundage for AAA), WOW...Thats my girl! :-)
This after a full weekend down at Elfsea Defender, Great event guys, and Ameline and Armand were given a pair of well deserved Stars, woo hoo...
A bevy of peerages were announced for both circles, congrats to Phillip, Juliana, Stella and Robert and their peers/sponsors...May yours dresses be spiffy and your parties satisfying...:-)
But the sweetest court announcement to 'my' ears had to be that of my protege, Bs Michelle to be made a Pelican at Wiesenfeuer Baronial...
I am a very happy, proud, and tired out mama bird indeed, but I wanted to post before I hit my pillow...sigh...:-)...'Stacia

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