[Ansteorra] Trebuchet shot question

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You can find all the rules for siege equipment at:

Here's the basics:

If your trebuchet is considered small you only need to (yellow) duct tape a
single tennis and label it with your name/household/kingdom.

If your trebuchet is considered a large engine, (yellow) duct tape 4 tennis
balls together in a pyramid shape. 3 on bottom, 1 on top. Label it with your
name/household/kingdom. All ammo must be 1 pound or lighter.

This is the easiest way to make ammo, but you may use other items such as
foam or cloth etc. See full rules for a list.

--Centurion Evets

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I am having trouble trying to find info on how to make legal projectiles for
my Trebuchets could a kind person please direct me to the correct place to
find this info so I can be ready for Gulf Wars.

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