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I just recieved some news. It's not much but it is something to hold on to.  

>From Rosalia :

I just wanted to give everyone an update on how Wormy is doing.

There is small improvement.  He is now on less medication and his is
breathing a bit on his own.
His parents are holding up and have a room at the hospital.  Eleanor is
taking care of the parents.

There is still no visitation allowed.

I will continue to post updates as they come available.  Keep up the good
work everyone - every prayer helps.

Rosalia di Bellavita

>From Darius

The card for Wormy we had at Defender will be at Elfsea Moot tonight. As soon as he is allowed cards and such we will get it to him, and post the address he can recieve them at. For now just continue to keep him in our thoughts and prayers, and let a bell ring for our Jester. (if you don't have one pick up one from me tonight at moot I have a box of small bells that will be out with the card.)

With Hope
Darius of the Bells
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  Do we have any additional Info on Wormys condition yet? 


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