[Ansteorra] Competitors for Bryn Gwlad's Baronial Artisan

Clay R. scafaelan at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 2 18:12:45 PST 2005

Greetings unto Ansteorra!

It is my pleasure to announce the artisans that will be competing
for the honor of becoming the next Artisan of the Barony of Bryn Gwlad.
Those that have rightfully entered for this honor are:
Aerin MacConacher
Anton of Winteroak
Bridget Rede of Dunvegan
Celestria Monelyght le Dragon
Elizabetta Morosini
Lyonette Van Leyden
Melisenda de Barcelona
Oriana Luisa della Francesca
Sean ua Lochlainn
Tabitha Baker
Please come see these artisans and congratulate them on their work!

In service,
Lord Faelan mac Eogain
Candlemas 2005 Arts & Sciences Coordinator

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