[Ansteorra] Ice Axe

William Willett & Robin Lindsey moiranliam at earthlink.net
Thu Feb 3 20:55:13 PST 2005

Greetings unto the Stellar Kingdom Ansteorra,

      Ice Axe is only weeks away.  Come out and try your hand with your mass weapons (no bladed weapons).  There will be four different scenarios.  There will be a WAR Practice on Sunday Morning.  Also, for the Rapier Combat community, we'll also have a tourney set up for you also.  Can't leave y'all out.  
     But wait , there's more!!!    Artisans, bring out your projects (documentation preferred but not required).  Archers, bring your bows for both target and combat archery.  Equestrains, bring your mighty steads and have fun.  Bards, come and add your name to the list as our next Title Bard of Middleford.
    As of right now, pre-registration is $6 and $6.  At the gate it will be $7 and $7 (please see the post on the Middleford website in regards to the prices for minors and making reservations).  
   Getting through the gate isn't hard at all.  So no worries there.
   Alas, I must say, due to federal regulations on Fort Hood, the site is dry.  We can still have fun without the mead and ale, though.
   I ask that all those who are not going to Estrella, please come to Ice Axe.  It'll be fun!!!

In Service to the Dream, Ansteorra, and Middleford,

Optio Liam Gordon

William Willett & Robin Lindsey
moiranliam at earthlink.net

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