[Ansteorra] War Commanders!

Sharon Palkowetz sharon at polkawitch.com
Mon Feb 21 07:20:18 PST 2005

Greetings Everyone. We have returned from Estrella and i have to say,
Ansteorra was Glorious and Well Represented on the Field.  Even tho this was
not our war, We were noted as a force to deal with and many now know of
Ansteorra's untiring abilities and strengths. Huzzah!

Now it is a few weeks away from Gulf War, And we need to get a final on a)
what are the armies this year, b) who are the commanders, c) count of troops
and d)  items such as ramps, seige engines etc.

Please forward this any commanders who arent on the list. Please post to the
list in reply to this email so that i might sort thru all the mails easily.
I know i've asked in the recent past, but would ALL commanders reply to this
A.S.A.P. (I.E. BY FRIDAY!!!) ( i lost some emails due to a virus). I need to
get this list to our War General and HRM.

Thanks for everyone's quick response!


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