[Ansteorra] your personal information and mailing lists

Ansteorra WebMinister vscribe at ansteorra.org
Mon Feb 21 17:59:51 PST 2005

First off, I am not the maintainer of the software that runs our mailing 
list system. I cannot tell you how many times I have to say that a week. :)

The server has several hands working together to maintain various aspects of 
it. All are highly qualified at what they do and I am more grateful that 
words could ever convey for their work and presence.

The actual point of this email is about your personal information posted on 
these mailing lists or any mailing list for that matter.

-A very small percentage of mailing lists on the Ansteorra server are 
closed. Closed means that no one can see them except the membership on the 
list. Their information is protected from the general public from reading 

-A few others on the Ansteorra server are public in the sense that you can 
see them to subscribe to them but you cannot read the archives or see who is 
subscribed unless you have a login and password that you get with your 
membership to that specific list.

-Others on the Ansteorra server allow the archives to be read but not reveal 
the subscribers.

-More than a fair share on the Ansteorra server, actually a high majority, 
have the archives wide open for all to see. If you post your real name, 
address, and phone number to this list and then the archives are opened by a 
non-member and that information is used to call you or contact you there is 
nothing we can do to stop that.

You need to be aware what the status of your mailing list is if you do not 
want your personal information that you just posted to it grabbed by a 
spammer, or random surfer to forward to another list or to a buddy.

Only in places like yahoo can archived emails be deleted selectively and 
email addresses be removed entirely. But your phone number and address, no 
way of removing that without removing the entire email from the yahoo 

Be aware, be careful. Please, know what your terrain is before you tread 
across it.

HL Chiara
Kingdom Webminister, Ansteorra 

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