[Ansteorra] Royal Huntsman

Christoforo christoforo at ev1.net
Sun May 15 21:18:36 PDT 2005

To Populous of Ansteorra I send greetings,

I wish to congradulat Arcarius Carluccio Di Baia for wining the day to
become the next Royal Huntsman. He will be taking his post at Coronation and
I would welcome seeing you all there.

The finals were between Carluccio and Master Pug who both entered the rounds
undefeated, where they had to first shoot a 3d target deer and the second
round a 3d target rabit.

There were 10 archers total, and though small in numbers we were shown some
of the best shooting I have seen.

Format of the list was a double elim starting with a 20 yd 30 sec. speed
round shooting a Period Target. I must add a bit of word fame at this point
for Arcarius Leofwine who shot a 34 against Arcarius Jean Paul's 18. Master
Pug also shot an 18 on this round.

Second round was a wreath shoot with medium and small wreaths counting 4
pts. and 8 pts repectively. Carluccio shot the high score of 24 points
puting all 6 arrows in the medium wreath. 2nd highest scores were 16 points
shot by Alvin de Clairmont, Jean Paul and Leofwine.

Third round was a string shoot.

Fourth round was combat archery round where we eliminated all but our

As the Current Royal Huntsman, I must thank Master Pug for putting this
tournament together on such short notice when the original plans for having
RH tournament at Coronation fell through due to problems with the site.

I would also like to thank His Highness Jason for being in attendance all
day at the archery range in the selection of his Royal Huntsman.

Finaly, I would like to thank their Excelencies Bordermarch Armand and
Caitrin for their excelent hospitality by allowing us to hold this
tournament in conjunction with their Baronial Championship tournament.

For all of you who were not able to attend, you were sorely missed and I
hope to join you out at the range soon.

In Service,

Don Christoforo
Royal Huntsman to Their Magesties Ulstead and Cateau II

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