[Ansteorra] Costal Region Siege info and Greetings

Suren Unegen commander at mongounegen.com
Tue Nov 1 14:07:56 PST 2005

Greetings to Ansteorra and the populace of the Costal Region,
I need to first apologize for my absence on the list mostly due to 
medical and family matters dealing with the recent deserters. But it’s 
all good now and I believe I am ready restart my SCA life now that my 
live is somewhat back to normal. So with all of this in mind I must move 
on to matters of importance to the Costal Region Siege Community I 
received a call from the Kingdom Siege Marshal telling me that my 
application to the office of Costal Region Siege Marshal had been 
approved. With that I would like to say greetings to all of you in the 
Coastal Region and invite all of you that enjoy or would like to enjoy 
pelting the enemy heavy indirect fire or driving engines of war to Email 
me off list. I have allot ideas/plans I would I would like to see 
happen. However, I am more concerned with what you the Siege Community 
of the Costal Region would like to see happen. Feel free to email me 
with your thoughts, comments, and ideas anything you might want to say 
if you think I need to do a better job tell me. For right now I must cut 
this short its time for food “Yeah! Real food ^_^” on a side note I 
would like to exceed the quota given to me for Gulf Wars so if for some 
reason you feel it necessary to build a siege weapon or engine for no 
good reason what so ever do it we will find personal to run it for Gulf 
War. If you need and or want a Siege Marshal for your local group let me 
know so the necessary steps to make that happen. If you want to be 
authorized to operate seige equipment “hint hint” please contact me so 
we can make a time a place happen before Gulf Wars.
Thank You I look forward to serving the people of this Grate Kingdom

In Service to the Dream
Suren Unegen (Majestic Fox)
Costal Region Siege Marshal
Silver Fox Squadron

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