[Ansteorra] 3 Kings: Support those loyal to true Kings!

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Tue Nov 8 08:43:31 PST 2005

	I will raise what ready Clansmen we have in support of your action. Look
for the Claymore and the Lion and there we shall be.  We will toast your
victory that eve.

Duncan 'the Black'

Earl of Ross and Chief of Clann Ross
Ex Unque Leonem

And I Larissa, will bring my Ladies who are strong of bow, swift riders, and 
strong artists and stand with your Lady to guard and fight at her side.

"conviction, without compassion, becomes cruelty"
"Veritas Lux Mea"

>>Greetings unto the Kingdom of Ansteorra!
>>I present to you a missive from the Laird and Lady Cameron from the  
>>mountain lands of Lochaber, Kingdom of Scotland.  I know in my  heart 
>>their call to be just and would see it answered by all who  support king 
>>and country.  If upstart clans were to challenge our  on own King Jason or 
>>his successor we would similarly make such a  call to other just kingdoms 
>>to take up arms, and so how can we do  any less for Scotland!  Hear the 
>>words of the Laird and Lady Cameron:
>>"In this year of our lord, 1388, we find much strife raging across  our 
>>beautiful Highlands.  Pretenders challenge the throne of Robert  the 
>>Bruce, 3rd of his line, may he reign King forever! Our scouts  have sent 
>>word of a battle brewing in the northeast.  We intend to  travel and take 
>>on the upstart clans Macintosh and Davidson as they  are clearly rebels 
>>against the true line of Scottish Kings.  Only  Robert the Bruce and his 
>>decendents will sit the throne as long as  Cameron blood is left to be 
>>spilled.  Thus my Lady and I who have  strong ties to your kingdom  
>>through our friends Sir Gideon and  Lady Bridget who reside in the Barony 
>>of Bryn Gwlad to the south,  request your help.  Come ye warriors, 
>>artisans, servers,  equestrians, archers, rapier wielding duelers, and all 
>>who live  under the Black Star and help us fight for the cause of the one  
>>true King of Scotland.  We promise to make you feel welcome in the  north 
>>and to give gifts from the war chest that we are sure to  capture with 
>>your backing.  Sons of the hounds, come hither and get  flesh!" - the 
>>Laird and Lady Cameron, For King and Country
>>As you can see, our friends the Laird and his Lady (who look  surprisingly 
>>like us) are in need of help from all who are  honorable and noble.  We 
>>will be rewarded. What say you your  majesty, will you release your 
>>populace to support the true King of  Scotland through his loyal clan 
>>chieftain Donald Dubh of Clan  Cameron? What say you populace of 
>>Ansteorra, will we answer their  call?
>>Sir Gideon MacLeod and his betrothed Lady Bridget Rede of Dunvegan
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