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Racheal racheal.no.ansteorra at gmail.com
Mon Nov 14 05:09:10 PST 2005

Greetings to all,
 Mu contacted me last night and asked that I email all of Ansteorra.
 Master Spider is in the hospital - I believe this is the sixth time this
 At this time we know that he has an aneurysm in his stomach, only one
kidney left, and congestive heart failure. I understand that he has had
several heart attacks. Mu told me how Spider has been a fighter for years,
but now...Spider is giving up.
 I am asking that everyone who knows Master Spider - everyone who has
enjoyed a feast prepared by Spider - everyone who has heard of
Spider...please contact him and let him know how much he means to you. He
has already been in the hospital for a week. We don't know how much longer
he will be at the hospital or how much longer he will be with us.
 Spider's cell is 832-368-2934 -- he does have it with him at the hospital.
He is in Room 347.
The hospital is:

*Mailing address:*
CHRISTUS St. John Hospital
18300 St. John Dr.
Nassau Bay, TX 77058

*Key phone numbers:*

   - General Info: *(281) 333-5503*

Spider's known world name is Laurie Jorden (I had Mu spell it for me to make
sure I heard correctly.)
 For more information - please call Mu at 281-446-7596.
I know that Master Spider has been in the SCA for years. Please let him know
that he is still remembered.
 Thank you,

Racheal no Ansteorra
mka Cherish Robinson
Gate's Edge Chronicler
Secretary of Gate's Edge Knight Marshal

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