[Ansteorra] interesting numbers was Three Kings Court?

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I think it is interesting that 4 of 5 of these tripeers received either their first and second or second and third within a year of each other. Or in one case two in one year.
Oh and do we have any pentagrants? (star,iris,wsa,centurian,court barony)?
Don Pieter

Ansteorra has made five triple (Chivalric, Laurel, & Pelican) peers in our history not including Alexis who will be the sixth. 
Jan w Orzeldom 
KSCA 1/21/1979 
ML 7/14/1979 
MP 4/12/1986 
Sigmund the Wingfooted 
KSCA 7/18/1981 
ML 7/10/1982 
MP 4/12/1986 
Inman MacMoore 
KSCA 3/3/1984 
ML 11/21/1992 
MP 1/9/1993 
Simonn of Amber Isle 
KSCA 6/26/1977 
ML 11/25/1978 
MP 7/13/2002 
Pendaran Glamorgan 
KSCA 5/27/1989 
MP 10/12/2002 
ML 7/12/2003 
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