[Ansteorra] Three Kings Court?

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They made a big deal about the ten year thing in Court, but I will admit 
that it was hard to hear at times due to loud conversations taking place 
close by, so it could be an average of one every 10 years, or something like 
that. Just once I'd like to be able to hear an entire Court when I am 
sitting there, without having to sit in the front row. We sat under a 
pavilion even with the front rows and people directly behind the pavilion 
chatted away at full voice for a large part of the proceedings.


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Susan Hill wrote:

>Sir Alexis la Bouche, I believe, who will be the first Ansteorran Triple 
>Peer in a decade.

It's not been that long since we had a new triple peer.  They are rare but 
it has not been a decade since the last.

Off the top of my head Count Simonn became a triple peer in 2002 and Sir 
Pendaran became a triple peer back in 2003.  I am sure there are others I 
just wasn't present to see elevated so they aren't fresh in my mind.


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