[Ansteorra] Please contact Spider

Harry Bilings humble_archer at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 14 16:04:25 PST 2005

I have knowen Master Spider longer than I care to rember. Have enjoyed his 
feast and company. If he is ready to meet his maker God bless him and may 
his jurney be peacful and quite.
If this offends anyone I appoligize now, but I am a firm beliver in the 
right to die with peace and dignity. I just had an aunt decide that she had 
been heare long enough and died in less that two weeks of saying good buy to 
my sister, the Drs. said that they could give her annother 5 or 6 years.

humble archer
Ravens Fort Ansteorra

>Greetings to all,
>  Mu contacted me last night and asked that I email all of Ansteorra.
>  Master Spider is in the hospital - I believe this is the sixth time this
>  At this time we know that he has an aneurysm in his stomach, only one
>kidney left, and congestive heart failure. I understand that he has had
>several heart attacks. Mu told me how Spider has been a fighter for years,
>but now...Spider is giving up.
>  I am asking that everyone who knows Master Spider - everyone who has
>enjoyed a feast prepared by Spider - everyone who has heard of
>Spider...please contact him and let him know how much he means to you. He
>has already been in the hospital for a week. We don't know how much longer
>he will be at the hospital or how much longer he will be with us.
>  Spider's cell is 832-368-2934 -- he does have it with him at the 
>He is in Room 347.
>The hospital is:

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