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Simone Ui'Dunlaingh simonemu at gmail.com
Tue Nov 15 06:26:47 PST 2005

I was talking the other day with some folks about how I had seen many
great works of art and service in another region, that i felt was not
getting the recognition they deserve and was going unnoticed. I was
reminded to submit the individuals responsible for these works of art
and the service for awards. and was gently reminded that even if I do
not live in a region or a group I can still submit there members for
awards and recognition.

This conversation reminded me of the many times i have heard over the
years. why has so and so not been recognized. why did it take 12 years
for this or that individual to get their AoA, or a service award. It
brought back to the for front of my mind that many times the only way
the crown knows of the deeds of others is by other individuals
recognizing them for their deeds by sending award recommendations to
the crown. It also brought back to the forefront of my mind that
anyone can recommend someone for a non-peerage award.

so the next time you see someone who you think is deserving of
recognition for their deeds tell them how much you appreciate them and
follow it up by sending in an award recommendation. If you do not know
how to submit an award recommendation. they are easy if in Ansteorra
just follow these simple steps

1. Get the individuals name, and group this can be done normally by
discreetly asking someone they are camping with.

2.Go to the kingdom website Go to the kingdom officers page and click
on the Star principle Herald link and then check the precedence( the
list of awards individuals have..(this is to see if they have the
award or not. some award like thistles, comets and the new talons can
be awarded multiple times)

3. Go to the Kingdom officers page on the kingdom website click on the
link for Their Stellar Majesties. on the bottom of their Majesties
page is the link for award recommendations Click on it and fill out
the form, submit the form when done.

4. send a courtesy e-mail to the local baron of the individual and
their groups senishal so they know you have submitted so and so for an

It's that easy. remember sometimes the only way the crown knows an
individual is deserving of recognition is if someone takes the time to
submit the individual for an award.

Simone Ui'Dunlaingh
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