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On Nov 15, 2005, at 4:36 PM, Elisabeth B. Zakes wrote:

>> It also brought back to the forefront of my mind that
>> anyone can recommend someone for a non-peerage award.
> Actually, anyone can recommend someone for ANY award, including  
> peerage or nobility (Court Baron). The peers are quite happy to  
> hear from non-peers about people they may have missed, for whatever  
> reason.
> Aethelyan Moondragon, Pel.

For those who would like even more info on writing recommendation  
letters, there are these two files in the SCA-INC section of the  
Award-Rec-Let-art (10K) 11/16/00    "Writing Effective Award  
Recommend. Letters"
                                        by Countess Berengaria de  
award-rec-let-msg (13K)  6/11/05    Writing award recommendation  

Another thing to keep in mind, and it has been a year or two since I  
remember it being discussed here, is that award recommendations may  
or may not get passed from one Crown to the next. And even if they  
are, the Crowns are often so busy that they may not have time to read  
any letters from previous reigns. So, if you submitted a letter and  
it wasn't acted upon, for any number of reasons, consider submitting  
it again.

Also, you don't have to know what level of award would be most  
appropriate for an individual. You may not even know what they  
currently have. So submit why you think this individual should get  
something, and let the Crown figure out which award is most appropriate.

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