[Ansteorra] Steppes Twelfth Night Feast and Gate Reservations & Table Reservations

John de Irwynne lordirwynne at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 15 17:01:54 PST 2005

Site and feast reservation for 12th Night

I will be accepting feast and gate reservations
until 12/20/2005.
+++++UPDATE - If you want to reserve table seating
space as a group, you must prepay all of the seats
either through ACCEPS or by mail to me.++++++

The address is 2115 El Dorado Way, Carrollton, Texas
75006. > Please make sure that your check is made out
- SCA Inc./Barony of the Steppes. -
We will need the Full mundane and SCA names and ages
of everyone for whom you are making payment. If anyone
is over 11 years old, you can simply note that they
are adults. With the list of names, please include
exactly what you are paying for, how many sites and
how many feasts. Please be prepared to show your
membership cards at gate when you arrive if you are
not already including the non-member surcharge. The
non-member surcharge applies to everyone classified as
an adult only (11  and up). If you are including a
non-member surcharge in your pre-payment, please note
that you will still have to sign a waiver at gate upon
check in.

Thank you all for coming and making Twelfth Night
wonderful. Don't forget that there will be special
prizes for the Costume Contests.

John de Irwynne

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