[Ansteorra] Bryn Gwlad Candlemas A&S Competition!

Audette des Grenouilles audette at sapheron.org
Thu Nov 17 07:11:01 PST 2005


Sharpen your quills and thread your needles!  Bryn Gwlad would like to announce
it's Arts and Sciences Championship to be held at Candlemas on February 4, 2006.

The day will include two seperate competitions, a Championship Competition and
a Recent Projects Competition.  The Recent Projects Competition will be judged
by the popular vote, and the Championship Competition by a set of judges
acceptable to His Excellency, Thomas, Baron of Bryn Gwlad.

This year Candlemas has an Arthurian theme, and Baron Thomas would appreciate
any effort to make your entries fit the theme.

The Championship Competition will allow for one piece to be displayed by the
competitor, and documentation is highly recommended.  The standard Ansteorran
Arts and Sciences Judging Sheets will be used.  

The Recent Projects Competition will allow for one piece to be displayed by the
competitor that has been completed in the previous calender year, and has not
yet been displayed in an Arts and Sciences Competition.  Documentation is not
required, though it would be appreciated.

Individuals can enter a piece in each of the two competitions.

Due to site restrictions, we will be unable to accept entries that contain

His Excellency has requested that research papers be submitted two weeks prior
to Candlemas on January 21, to allow for the extra time these take to judge.
If you are competing with a research paper, please contact me at
audette at sapheron.org for details on how and where to send it.

Baron Thomas would enjoy receiving letters of intent indicating your interest
in competing in either or both of these competitions.  These letters will also
help the event planners know what to expect and how much space to reserve for
the Artisans.

Thank you,
Audette des Grenouilles

audette at sapheron.org

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