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And, if Mohammed won't come to the mountain, then the mountain must come to

The *real* leaders of the groups must travel and make connections with other
groups that are socially different from theirs in nature. They must make
connections with others and work to invite the outsiders to come to events
where the insulated populace can meet them and have a sharing of ideas and a
shared experience with the "foreigners". Groups tend to become xenophobic if
they never come in contact with other groups. It becomes an SCA groups that
is almost like the Branch Davidians - Us vs. Them, and my way is the only
ONE true way..... I've seen more groups self-destruct when they become
"ego-centric" because they revolve around one person's ego and it is their
way, or else...

Real leaders, whether officers/nobles, or not, will understand that they
have to expose their groups to other schools of thought and ways of playing
the SCA. They also need to work steadfastly to counter the peer fear that we
tend to instill in our new people over time. Leaders also need to lead by
example by traveling and teaching, as well as bringing along members of
their household/shire/barony/etc., so they can all learn new things

Rambling from lack of sleep,


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Many groups have the problem of much of their populace being not  willing to
partake in Kingdom activities/culture. As a result, their  thinking becomes
very insular and  creates problems because their  vision of the SCA  does
not grow as the Kingdom's does.

  How would you  propose to bridge this gap between the 2 visions?

  Awaiting your answers!

  Lorraine DeerSlayer

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