[Ansteorra] Question 11/18

Paul DeLisle ferret at hot.rr.com
Sat Nov 19 06:33:12 PST 2005

My answer would be this:

They get to play locally...and contribute in whatever way they wish to the
local group (as long as it's legal)...however, they *don't* get to impose
their personal view on others, or the group as a whole.
It's the responsibility of the others in the group (or those that travel
there), especially those with experience, to see that they do not do so.
You need to make the Bigger, Brighter, Kingdom-level playing more attractive
than the tiny, "safe" little community that might have been created locally.

Easy?...probably not. But necessary? Absolutely.

I hope this helps.

In Service, I remain
Alden Pharamond
Tir Medoin, Ansteorra

A caveat here that may change this equation...
What if the ones that do not travel, refuse to travel or even
participate on a local level except in their own skewed view of the SCA.

Vicki Marsh wrote:
> Cross-pollination.
> And, if Mohammed won't come to the mountain, then the mountain must come
> Mohammed.
> The *real* leaders of the groups must travel and make connections with
> groups that are socially different from theirs in nature. They must make
> connections with others and work to invite the outsiders to come to events
> where the insulated populace can meet them and have a sharing of ideas and
> shared experience with the "foreigners". Groups tend to become xenophobic
> they never come in contact with other groups. It becomes an SCA groups
> is almost like the Branch Davidians - Us vs. Them, and my way is the only
> ONE true way..... I've seen more groups self-destruct when they become
> "ego-centric" because they revolve around one person's ego and it is their
> way, or else...
> Real leaders, whether officers/nobles, or not, will understand that they
> have to expose their groups to other schools of thought and ways of
> the SCA. They also need to work steadfastly to counter the peer fear that
> tend to instill in our new people over time. Leaders also need to lead by
> example by traveling and teaching, as well as bringing along members of
> their household/shire/barony/etc., so they can all learn new things
> together.
> Rambling from lack of sleep,
> Xene

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