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Robin Lindsey & William Willett moiranliam at earthlink.net
Sat Nov 19 09:18:51 PST 2005


 	I normally do not respond to Lorraine's questions due to the situation
that I was in for the last year +.  And although I am still bound by my
station as a Centurion, I believe that I can answer this one.  Now, I know
that some of what I am going to say may have been said by others, so
forgive me if I plagiarize.  And I will try to do this in my own words.

	My understanding of the question is to try and find a way to bridge the
gap between those who play Kingdom and those who only play locally.  My
approach to this was to ask the officers of the Shire to talk to the
newcomers of the group and explain the SCA in their own words.  But, my
caveat to this was to explain the Kingdom also.  Explain how people from
all over the Kingdom get together at the Kingdom level events and have fun
there, as well as having fun at the local level.  Take Middleford's last
event for instance.  Warchieftan/Cavalier of the Bridge was an off calendar
event, at a new site that we had to pay to use, plus a new site that was
slightly hard to find (I had a difficult time during the day light
hours!!!).  We had 80 people there + or -, fed about 75 or so at feast, and
most had a good time.  We had people travel to our Shire from the Western,
Central and Southern Regions.  This had to have been one of our better
events (outside of Their Graces Duke Patrick Michael and Duchess Julia's
Coronation that I have seen).  Guess what I am trying to say is the fun
that people have at the local level can be multiplied to a much larger
scale at a Kingdom level.  And as long as that is address and moved
towards, then the gap can be bridged.

	Now for those who refuse to make the attempt after the hand of friendship
has been extended numerous times, or just flat out refuse to grow with the
way the SCA has (and just like any large entity does over time), I refer to
Baron Niklas' email.  I myself in good conscience say anything on this part
of the equation.  So, your Excellency, if I may, will use your words here
and hope that it gets the message out there.

"Ok, however, let's say that they make concerted efforts (thru various 
means and people) to impose their views and idea of the SCA (a personal 
party club) on rest of the group, despite efforts to negotiate 'peace 
and cooperation'.

"Add to this issue the fact that there are more of them than the folks 
that travel and wish to participate in the 'true' SCA, not the SCA that 
is practiced in someone's living room.

"Keep in mind that the attitude of the ones being dealt with do not deal 
in logic and trying to 'educate them in the SCA' results only in 
confrontation, laughter (ridicule) and no results."


In Service to Kingdom, Shire, Friends and Family

Centurion Liam Gordon
"Happy New Daddy"

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