[Ansteorra] Question 11/18 Liability or An Asset

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I guess I am not explaining things very well......

With great respect to all that have answered the question, most of the 
answers have contained points of cooperation, compromise, education and 
trying to work things out.

What I am saying and trying to bring out is, when all these efforts have 
been tried and the hand of "Peace" has been extended many times and it 
has been slapped down with malice....what do you do?

When involved persons are making quotes such as "the only reason they 
play in the SCA is to throw a party with someone else's money", what do 
you do.

People in any kind of organization are one of two things....

They are either a ......  Liability

Or they are an .......    Asset.

It is really that simple.

When someone becomes a liability to a point that they are compromising 
the viability of a group because their attitude and behaviors are severe 
liabilities to the group and even perhaps the SCA as a whole.....

Yet! they are smart enough to toe right up to the line of violation of 
mundane or SCA based laws and polices and manipulate people and events 
to fulfill their agendas......

What do you do to stop them before they damage a group to a point that 
it goes away due to the lack of viable members and activity?

All of this is just food for thought.

Over the recent times there have been groups that have and are having 
these kinds of issues and "liabilities".

Think about it. However, remember....the education, the suggestions, the 
nice plays and compromises have been tried and failed....

So now what do you do.

Take Care....


Paul DeLisle wrote:
> Well...Well, you can't make a "roadmap for peace" without knowing the
> topography (How's that for mixing my metaphors?? *G*) What I'm trying to
> say, is that I can't speak directly to your problem, without knowing the
> specific people and situations involved. However, here are a few general
> observations:
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