[Ansteorra] Question 11/18 Liability or An Asset

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Sat Nov 19 22:38:15 PST 2005

Niklas:  Your Excellency, it would appear that you speak of a particular, 
local, set of circumstances.  My own earlier words were intended to address 
the more general case as put forth by Mistress. Lorraine -- and were 
composed before I had read anything additional in the thread.

I am aware at this point that Alden has chosen to address you in private; 
the words I give here I give in public for they are still generalities and 
so may assist others in less extreme situations (or such is my hope).  I 
have additional private words for you that will be sent separately.

> What I am saying and trying to bring out is, when all these efforts have 
> been tried and the hand of "Peace" has been extended many times and it has 
> been slapped down with malice....what do you do?

For myself, having made SERIOUS mistakes in my past when I tried to respond 
in kind, I turn my back and shake the dust from my feet -- and go on to have 
my own fun, while doing such small things as I can to keep others from being 
hurt by the one or ones seen as being malicious.

That may mean that I, personally, would cease to participate with a 
particular group or where the offending persons might be unavoidably 
present.  (Except in perhaps occasionally passing by, I can generally avoid 
any given individual or group at an event of any size with very little 
difficulty -- it's finding the folks I want / need that's hard...)

That might mean that I would draft letters and such other reports as I felt 
necessary and distribute them as I felt appropriate, useful, or most 
effective.  (Were it a matter in which I felt that the normal 
"chain-of-command" would discount my words because of the source, I am fully 
prepared to submit them anonymously -- or recast them in such a way as I 
might in good faith and personal conscience tell the tale in a more public 

> When someone becomes a liability to a point that they are compromising the 
> viability of a group because their attitude and behaviors are severe 
> liabilities to the group and even perhaps the SCA as a whole.....
> Yet! they are smart enough to toe right up to the line of violation of 
> mundane or SCA based laws and polices and manipulate people and events to 
> fulfill their agendas......
> What do you do to stop them before they damage a group to a point that it 
> goes away due to the lack of viable members and activity?

We do what we can, what we must, and make every effort possible to keep 
matters from escalating out of control.  We make certain that we, ourselves, 
do NOT cross those lines of violation.  And we maintain our vigilance 
against the transgressions of the arrogant, defending the innocent to the 
extent which is possible.

Where we can, we might also do our part to establish an alternate 
opportunity, quietly proving by our own example that the liability in 
question is not only dead wrong but in truth is being that liability.

In all of this, if satisfaction cannot be found at a given level of 
response -- local, regional, Kingdom, Ombudsman -- the system of governance 
within the SCA allows us two channels that are expected to be in close 
communications, and one highest level of appeal where both ultimately 
intersect.  Following the general guidelines as set forth by Aelflad of 
Duckworth and other more recently written treatises, take your concerns 
directly to the perceived transgressor first, their superior(s) next, and so 
on up the chain.  If one or more individuals involved are apprentices / 
squires / knights / protégés / students, it can often be effective to 
approach their Laurel / Knight / Pelican / Master, Mistress, Teacher.

Be rational, be polite, be patient, be persistent -- and be prepared to 
accept that some individuals Just Won't Get It / Can't Play Well With 
Others -- and have an alternative plan at every step of the conflict 
resolution process.

Alternative resolution steps that may apply to extreme circumstances could 
include informal arbitration, formal arbitration, the mundane civil courts, 
or perhaps even some type of "community council" or forum.

There Are Always Alternatives.  Sometimes, they may be unwelcome or 
abhorrent for any of a number of reasons.

Adieu, Amra / ttfn - Mike / Pax ... Kihe

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