[Ansteorra] re: DFT Yule Revel 12 days and counting

Ms Pict dftfeast at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 20 10:48:49 PST 2005

DFT Yule Revel is just 12 days away.

Have you sent in your documentation for the A&S competition? Deadline is 
Nov. 26.
Contact Mistress Rosalia di Bellavita at mistressrosalia at earthlink.net.

What food will you be bringing? You can post to: 
dragonsfire-tor at ansteorra.org

Do you have an item to donate? Contact Darius of the Bells at 
dmriney at earthlink.net or bring it directly to Yule Revel.

Are you decorating a table? Got your stuff together yet?

Have you saved your pennies, dimes and nickels for the raffle?

Need more info? Check out our web site at: 

Well if not, why not? We look forward to seeing you.

Dragonsfire Tor

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