[Ansteorra] Question 11/18 Liability or An Asset

Mystic Marks mysticmarks at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 21 16:12:28 PST 2005


You hit the nail on the head.  These psychos are not normal people.  There is no reasoning with or compromising with them.

The best thing to do with people such as Niklas described is to IGNORE them as much as possible.  Be polite and courteous to them, but do not allow them to draw you into their problem.  They feed on confrontation and problems - don't give them anything to encourage or to  nourish this behavior.  Then DOCUMENT what, when and where they pull stunts.  Follow the chain of command and make sure the appropriate Regional and Kingdom Officers know what is going on.  The troublemakers usually stop just short of doing something that would get them banished or sanctioned, but perhaps with enough evidence filed of their behavior over the years, they will get what they deserve.

Unfortunately, that doesn't mean they will go away.  What is bad for the local group is if these people try to influence newcomers to their way of thinking and playing.  All a group can do is hope the newcomers will eventually see through the troublemakers and realize that they are being manipulated.   

I used to think that everyone had the 'right' to play SCA and we should do everything we could to help them play.  I believe in giving people another chance when they mess up.  But giving people years and years worth of chances to make trouble is a bit much.

Being able to play SCA is a privilege and you should earn it by getting along with others and sharing your knowledge and skills.  When a group tries to keep the 'dirty laundry'  concerning these troublemakers at home, it usually ends up just getting dirtier and spreading out into other groups.  We need to protect our friends in other groups from the troublemakers' machinations.

This is our Dream and our game and we shouldn't have to put up with people who want to use it for their own benefit or to build their egos.  Just my two cents.....

Baroness Janais
Shire of Ffynnon Gath

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