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Correction:  The Children's Gift exchange will not be a Viking.  Please 
bring a small wrapped gift for each child participating.  Try to make the 
gifts gender nuetral.  Unlike the Adult Viking Exchange there will be no 

Colley's the cat and Keri's the collie.
Life is fun at Burkhaven.  An Odyssey of Learning:  see why at 

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Greetings Friends and Neighbors,

10 Dec at 7 PM at 294 Burk Dr, Killeen, TX, House Burkhaven will hold it's 
annual Yule Revel.

It will be a pot luck with the House providing the meat and a few other 

After the feasting there will be a Viking gift exchange for all the 
children, then for the adults.  Children gifts should be $10 or less and 
adult gifts should be $25 or less.

Crash space is availiable for those who need it.

Please contact us for directions or go to our web page: 

To begin the day we'll have a breakfast at 9 AM, followed by our Birthday 
Month Championships.

So please join us and have FUN!!

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