[Ansteorra] seeking Northern Regional Waterbearers

zubeydah at northkeep.org zubeydah at northkeep.org
Tue Nov 22 09:13:27 PST 2005

To my sisters and brothers in Waterbearing service, Greetings!

I am stepping down as the Northern Regional Waterbearer soon, and am attempting 
to make certain my records are as up to date as possible.

If you took a class in Waterbearing 101 at an event at any time during the last 
2 years, and I was not the instructor, please contact me off list! I need to 
add your name to a list of trained waterbearers for my successor, so she knows 
when folks have met the requirements for advancement from Apprentice to 

Also, if you are a NR WB and you were advanced to Journeyman while attending an 
event outside the North, I need to know that, too!

Ever in service to the North where the Black Star shines the brightest,

Zubeydah Jamilla al-Badawiyya

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