[Ansteorra] Bjornburg Sheep

Corey Van Zandt Sircorwin at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 22 11:45:51 PST 2005

AAh yes....the Fabled Loch Flock.....You probably gave them the ugly ones 
which means they were eaten shortly after they had their way with 
them......Thus our Beautiful Flossie was quite the temptation....you 
see....Flossie was Trained in the art of Seduction and the KamaSutra....No 
Real Man can withstand her charms!   Your protest has been duelly noted 
Baron Loch but your Talk is a Crock and your Flock I do Mock for they are 
not good to Hock nor to shave and make Sock... Thy Herd is a Sham....not ONE 
decent Ram, how Dare thee to Compare to our Maiden most Fair with her 
Shimmering curls of flaxon white Hair.....I beseech thee to beWare for my 
Men will not Scare though you a Great Barony be....on the field you have not 
yet met ME.

Sir Corwin von Suess
Dr. of the Ryme....when I have the Tyme

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> Sir Corwin wrote.
> ...was TAKEN by the Jealous SheepMolestors in
> the Grand Barony of Bjornsburg for they had no sheep
> of their own.
> To which I MUST protest!  For on the Investiture of
> Godwin and Radegund as Baron and Baroness, they were
> presented with two lambs, male and female, from the
> fabled Flock of Loch Soilleir.  Yes I say, the Loch
> Flock!  The first of their ilk to leave those lands!
> Therefore, the Barony of Bjornsburg did already have
> sheep of quality stock!
> William
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