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AAh  yes....the Fabled Loch Flock.....You probably gave them the ugly ones  
which means they were eaten shortly after they had their way with  
them......Thus our Beautiful Flossie was quite the temptation....you  
see....Flossie was Trained in the art of Seduction and the KamaSutra....No  
Real Man can withstand her charms!   Your protest has been  duelly noted 
Baron Loch but your Talk is a Crock and your Flock I do Mock  for they are 
not good to Hock nor to shave and make Sock... Thy Herd is a  Sham....not ONE 
decent Ram, how Dare thee to Compare to our Maiden most  Fair with her 
Shimmering curls of flaxon white Hair.....I beseech thee to  beWare for my 
Men will not Scare though you a Great Barony be....on the  field you have not 
yet met ME.

Sir Corwin von Suess
Dr.  of the Ryme....when I have the Tyme

OH your scurolous knave,
great insult you gave.
To mock the Lock Flock
shows no brain but a block.
Your insult, most dire
has awoken my ire.
My ire once awoken
dictatates your body be broken.
 So I call once again
the Imperial Coastal region.
Stargate, the greatest one
whose army has always won,
The Barony of the Raven
who defeat the most craven,
The Border of the Marshes arise
call up you fighters most prized.
Great Baronies mightely join
For glory, prize and coin
Bring your shires and cantons strong
To avenge this mighty  wrong.
The allies of Bjornburg have found,
a need to slap a knave around.
And to you, Sir Corwin von Suess
a mighty insult you have set loose.
Close your windows and doors do lock
for your Flossie will soon be part of the flock.
he-he ;>)
Baron Bors of Lothian
Baron Loch Soilleir

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