[Ansteorra] Bjornburg Sheep

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Wed Nov 23 11:23:51 PST 2005

I laughed until I nearly cried!!

Known in these Current Middle Ages as Grainne Kathleen NicPadraig MacDaniel

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Okay, now that is just too funny.
Chiang, who almost fell on the floor

----- Original Message ----- From: <Baronman at aol.com>
>OH your scurolous knave,
>great insult you gave.
>To mock the Lock Flock
>shows no brain but a block.
>Your insult, most dire
>has awoken my ire.
>My ire once awoken
>dictatates your body be broken.
>So I call once again
>the Imperial Coastal region.
>Stargate, the greatest one
>whose army has always won,
>The Barony of the Raven
>who defeat the most craven,
>The Border of the Marshes arise
>call up you fighters most prized.
>Great Baronies mightely join
>For glory, prize and coin
>Bring your shires and cantons strong
>To avenge this mighty  wrong.
>The allies of Bjornburg have found,
>a need to slap a knave around.
>And to you, Sir Corwin von Suess
>a mighty insult you have set loose.
>Close your windows and doors do lock
>for your Flossie will soon be part of the flock.
>he-he ;>)
>Baron Bors of Lothian
>Baron Loch Soilleir
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