[Ansteorra] Autumn Melees

HE Armand De Lacy baron at bordermarch.org
Wed Nov 23 15:24:10 PST 2005

I am sending words of thanks from our event steward, Ld Phocas. His computer has a mind of its own, so.... he will give more details soon.
Autumn Melees was attended by so many in far away lands, we very much loved having you. 
The fighting was coordinated by His Grace, Duke Patrick Michael and His Excellency, Don Modius. It was good to see the fun had by all our warriors. HL Alecia, handled the Equestrian wonderfully. Lady Angelique of Wolfstar, did a great job with the Adult Bardic. Our Youth Bardic was done by m'lady Lylliane the poet. The sights and sounds of the night sky was magical. From the fire-dancing in front of the castle, the bardering around the village merchants to the laughter and merrymaking at Wolfstar encampment. This Kingdom held a Middle Eastern Dance competition... Lady Toryn, many thanks for your work in this. Ld. Daniel ran all of our target archery shoots, without his help, it would not have happened. Ld. Grimvere brought Bard Town for use of classes and get-togathers. The few of Bordermarch who were able to give to this, great job. I know I have forgotten some... no slight intended.
A complete list of all the "lost and found" will be posted very soon. Some of these are very nice things... please contact us.
Thank you Ansteorra, for some great memories. The sounds of war are fast approaching, know that our warriors are ready.
Baron of Bordermarch

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