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Greetings your Excelency,
   I seem to have for gotten to get a copy of you device for the pouch I am 
making for you when you step down as Wiesenfeuer's Rapier Champion. If you 
have a soft copy of it, would you please e-mail it to me.

HL Aldric de Kerr

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>I am sending words of thanks from our event steward, Ld Phocas. His 
>computer has a mind of its own, so.... he will give more details soon.
>Autumn Melees was attended by so many in far away lands, we very much loved 
>having you.
>The fighting was coordinated by His Grace, Duke Patrick Michael and His 
>Excellency, Don Modius. It was good to see the fun had by all our warriors. 
>HL Alecia, handled the Equestrian wonderfully. Lady Angelique of Wolfstar, 
>did a great job with the Adult Bardic. Our Youth Bardic was done by m'lady 
>Lylliane the poet. The sights and sounds of the night sky was magical. From 
>the fire-dancing in front of the castle, the bardering around the village 
>merchants to the laughter and merrymaking at Wolfstar encampment. This 
>Kingdom held a Middle Eastern Dance competition... Lady Toryn, many thanks 
>for your work in this. Ld. Daniel ran all of our target archery shoots, 
>without his help, it would not have happened. Ld. Grimvere brought Bard 
>Town for use of classes and get-togathers. The few of Bordermarch who were 
>able to give to this, great job. I know I have forgotten some... no slight 
>A complete list of all the "lost and found" will be posted very soon. Some 
>of these are very nice things... please contact us.
>Thank you Ansteorra, for some great memories. The sounds of war are fast 
>approaching, know that our warriors are ready.
>            Armand
>Baron of Bordermarch
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